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Here’s what people are saying:

Menya is the most encouraging, positive and enthusiastic coach I have ever worked with. He has had a positive impact across all aspects of my life, work, home and diet. I can not recommend working with him enough.

Chris Kimber

He meets you where you are and helps you meet and exceed whatever your goals are. He can even help you make goals if you’re not sure where to start. I lost over 15 pounds and 7% body fat working with Menya for 12 weeks, and he continues to follow up with me now. He helps with diet, sleep, exercise, and more.

Kendra Cunningham

Menya is an awesome trainer and overall positive person. Because of his guidance and persistence during our sessions, the results are better than I expected. He just makes you to want to get stronger and stronger! Menya has helped to develop a new attitude in me, I love it!

Angelika Hold

Menya trained me for over a year and I lost 10kg, increased strength, changed my eating habits and had a hell of a lot of fun in the process. Can’t recommend him more highly. Thank you brother!

James Davis

I started working with Menya in April. By July — I lost 7kg, developed a habit of exercising regularly, and understood a whole lot better about health. Menya’s positivity is contagious and he is a delight to work with. His ability to help you realize that gym sessions can be fun is magical.

Xiaowei Joe Zhou

Menya recalibrated the way I ate including actual food groups, amounts and times to eat etc. He made me accountable for my results with regular measurements, fitness checks and monitoring. The workouts were varied and amazing fun and tailored to my age and stage.

Emily H.


Here’s what people are saying:

Kate, 39 | Tokyo, Japan | Retail Executive

Derek, 36 | Silicon Valley, USA | Architect & Design Manager

Mike, 38 | Tokyo, Japan | Finance Broker

Lana, 30 | Tokyo, Japan | Account Manager

The Power of Habits

Living your best life involves making small, sustainable changes to the way you think, the way you eat, and the way you move.

Whether you want to lose fat, build muscle, boost energy, eliminate pain, reduce stress, sleep better, look younger, or finally just feel happy and confident in your own skin, leveraging a proven plan from industry experts is the fastest and most effective path to success.

The aim isn’t perfection or overnight transformation; it’s gradual change that creates lasting results and the lifestyle you deserve.


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Meet Your Coach

Menya Hinga is the Founder of MH Health Coaching and the creator of the Holistic Fitness Principles™, which is the foundation of this coaching program.

Over the past 8 years Menya has helped people from all over the world learn the skills and develop the habits necessary to achieve their fitness goals and create sustainable health.

Do You Want To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life?

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