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  • A sustainable and evidence-based solution to improving your fitness and creating sustainable health.
  • Practical habits for everyday health that you can start using right now to kickstart your fitness.
  • The key to unlocking your health potential with no fancy equipment or special gym memberships.
  • The simple, secret strategy I’ve used to maintain a body fat percentage of 10-15% for nearly a decade.

Weight Loss

“Within 3 or 4 months I had lost 50lb and several percentage points of body fat… What I appreciate most about Menya’s approach is that it’s really one of empowerment.”

Nathaniel, 34 | Anchorage, Alaska | Economic Development

“I’ve been to gyms, yoga classes, and I’ve also had a personal trainer but nothing really worked up until now… The thing that worked the most is that the program was always built around my lifestyle.”

Lana, 30 | Tokyo, Japan | Account Manager

Muscle Building

“When I reached out to Menya it was really that I wanted to get my results from good to great… I’ve lowered my body fat from 13% to 10% and also increased lean muscle mass by almost 17 pounds.”

Mike, 35 | Phoenix, Arizona | Sales Manager

“What I like about working with him is that he takes time to explain how things work, why he’s suggesting a certain exercise, and why certain types of food or certain types of diet might work better for me.”

Yasmine, 29 | Tokyo, Japan | Financial Trader

Increased Energy

“Without Menya and this program I know I wouldn’t have come near to the goals I’d set a few years back and I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t have been able to maintain my sporting level as I am today.”

Lenny, 60 | Tokyo, Japan | RoRo Transport

“I realized I needed some help in being busy and really understanding how to meet my goals… I was able to lose 4kg, lower my body fat percentage, and have heaps more energy than when we started.”

Kate, 39 | Tokyo, Japan | Retail Executive

Total Transformation

“I wanna be an active husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. So for anyone that’s struggling with ‘Can I make this decision?’ or ‘Can I make this happen?’, I can tell you that you absolutely can.”

Alex, 48 | Tokyo, Japan | Data Center Infrastructure

Postpartum Fitness

Both pregnancies I gained about 25 to 28 kilos and I felt like I was trapped in someone else’s body… Now I have a six-pack and great definition in my arms and legs. Honestly, I’m in the best shape of my life!”

Tsubasa, 39 | Hakuba, Japan | Mother & Business Owner


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