About Menya Hinga

My name is Menya, like Kenya with an “M”

and I help high-performers struggling to get in good shape by teaching them the skills and habits necessary to control their diet, improve their fitness, and take control of their health forever.

As a health coach, father, trainer, and small business owner living in Tokyo, Japan, I know how difficult it can be to balance work, family, and health as well as an increasingly busy schedule.

I began my career as a fitness professional in early 2011 and have developed as a health and performance coach thanks to books, seminars, courses, and mentorship from professionals across the world.

My personal interests include reading, writing, music, movies, training, and film production (YouTube).

Over the past 10 years I’ve helped thousands of people and some of the most respected companies in the world make healthy lifestyle choices as the founder of MH Health Coaching, co-founder of SOGO Fitness—Japan’s largest free fitness community—and co-founder of CoFit Movement—a Tokyo-based corporate wellness startup.

My Story


I never thought that I’d achieve the body I wanted and these are some of the things I told myself:

  1. I don’t have the time. I’ve never been more busy at work so I’ll do it later when I have more time. There’s no way I can sacrifice what little free time I have.
  2. I don’t want to give up alcohol or the foods I love. I work too hard and life is too short to deny myself small pleasures. Plus I’m stressed and need to let loose every once in a while. What’s the point of getting fit if I can’t enjoy myself?
  3. I don’t know where to start or what’s best for me. I’ve used apps, read articles, watched videos, bought programs, and exercised on and off for years, but nothing ever seems to work the way that it’s supposed to. 
  4. I’ve always been like this. It’s the way I’m built. My whole family is like this. It’s genetics and there’s nothing I can do about it. My body has a mind of its own.
  5. It’s too hard. I’m scared of failing again then hating myself for not being able to change. I’ve tried before but it never works and I’m tired of feeling like a failure.


It took nearly a decade of self-study and experimentation to finally build a body that I’m proud of.


Plus I’ve co-founded Japan’s largest non-profit fitness community, SOGO Fitness, to connect fitness and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world.


  1. It’s allowed me to build a thriving coaching business sharing my greatest passion with others in need.
  2. It’s given me the power to take personal responsibility for everything in my life by learning to distinguish between situations that are within my power to control and situations that are not. The latter consists of things that I can influence but cannot change, like genetics. While the former—things that are within my power to control—is where all the magic happens.
  3. I’ve learned that seeking help is a strength, not a weakness, and that anything is knowable if you’re willing to ask questions.
  4. I’m more confident and optimistic than ever before because I’m in complete control of my diet, my body, and my own life. Now sharing what I love with my family, friends, clients, and followers is an honor and a privilege.

Qualifications & Credentials

Founder & CEO, MH Health Coaching

Co-founder & Head Coach, CoFit Movement

Co-founder & Director of Operations, SOGO Fitness

Level 1 Certified Functional Strength Coach, Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning

Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach, Precision Nutrition

Certified Personal Trainer, National Strength and Conditioning Association

Level 1 Certified Instructor, Animal Flow

CPR / AED, Japanese Red Cross Society

Fun Facts

  1. The piano is my first love and I’ve been playing since I was 8 years old.
  2. Everyone thinks I’m 6 feet tall (183cm) but I’m actually 5’11” (180cm).
  3. Menya like Kenya is a convenient coincidence because it’s easy to remember and reveals my ancestry.
  4. I have no food allergies but often lie to servers when eating out in order to exchange french fries for salad.
  5. I enjoy cleaning, taking notes, creating lists, and organizing more than any sane person should. If being organized were a field of study I would hold a doctorate degree.
  6. I once won a regional tournament playing Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo 64. I still have the 4-foot-tall Star Fox trophy and plan to take it with me to the grave.
  7. I didn’t know that I can grow a goatee until 2 years ago. I’m 34 years old…🤦🏾
  8. I recently started using paraben and aluminum-free deodorant. It doesn’t protect as well but it smells fantastic and I feel pretty good about the decision.
  9. In college I wore a combination of braces and Invisalign for nearly 18 months. It was embarrassing but worth it.
  10. I always eat my food in circles and finish by putting a little bit of everything in my mouth at the same time. I think it’s pretty weird but it makes me happy.
  11. If you’re still reading this you should follow me on Instagram, subscribe to my YouTube channel, then learn more about the real reason you can here.

Corporate Wellness Workshop at Hays Japan

MH Health Coaching

I help high-performers who want to get fit avoid the frustration of trial and error by teaching them how to unlock their potential and finally get into the best shape of their lives. The Holistic Fitness Program is a proprietary system to help clients eliminate confusion, control their diet, and ultimately transform their health.

The program is based on the Holistic Fitness Principles, which are the result of 10+ years of study, research, writing, and educating within the field of fitness. This approach to health is from multiple angles including sleep, stress, fitness, nutrition, and environmental exposures, in order to create deep understanding and optimize results.

Company Credo 

  • We believe that our first responsibility is to meet the needs of our clients, ensuring that everything we do is of the highest quality. 
  • We must also strive to provide excellent value at a reasonable price.
  • We must experiment with new ideas, innovate when necessary, and invest in continued education for all.
  • We are responsible to our partners who work with us around the world. 
  • We must provide an inclusive environment where everyone has a voice and is treated fairly. 
  • We must respect one another and recognize merit. 
  • We must ensure a sense of security, fulfillment and purpose for all. 
  • We must support the health and well-being of our partners and help them fulfill their personal responsibilities. 
  • We are responsible to the communities in which we live and work. 
  • We must help people become healthier by supporting them in every way possible.

If you’d like to learn more about the Holistic Fitness Principles, click here.

If you’d like to learn more about coaching, please schedule a free consultation.

How To Get Started

The Holistic Fitness Program™ is an invite-only online program consisting of 1-on-1 coaching with Menya to help you reach your health-related goals.

READ CAREFULLY: To be invited to the Holistic Fitness Program, you must first book a free Discovery Session. This is an opportunity to create a framework for achieving your goals and an informal interview to determine if you’re a good fit for the program.

The Discovery Session provides massive value because…

  1. We’ll identify your current sticking points so you know exactly what’s holding you back from reaching your goals.
  2. We’ll help you determine the right goal and direction to provide you with clarity on where to take your fitness long-term.
  3. Then we’ll connect the dots so you’ll know the next step to take in order to reach your goal.
  4. Lastly, if you’re a good fit for the program and are interested in coaching, we’ll be able to discuss details there and then. You’ll learn how it all works, what is involved, the total investment, and how to get started.