1-On-1 Coaching


People perform at their best when they are healthy in mind and body.

Question: Is your health and fitness where it should be?

Most people think they have to trade health for success, but they’re wrong. Studies show that high performers are more energized—mentally, emotionally, and physically—than their peers.

How We Can Help

1-On-1 Coaching

1-On-1 coaching helps you create clear goals with accountability systems to make sure you stay on track and provides critical support when you hit roadblocks.

Speaking Engagements

Engage and educate your organization or team with health-centered presentations on topics like nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, supplements, and work-life balance.

Case Study 2 Presentation

DOMO: Four-part Lunch & Learn presentation series

As part of DOMO Japan’s investment in employee wellbeing, they invited us to lead four hour-long Lunch & Learn sessions focused nutrition, exercise, recovery, and supplements.

Step 1: Identified Top Priorities

It’s important to identify your team or company’s low-hanging fruit first. This particular team was interested in eating more healthily, exercising more often, generating more energy, and optimizing performance in and out of the office.

Step 2: Focused On Easy Actions

Information is only as valuable as it is actionable, so each presentation was designed to provide employees with the most easy, effective, and research-backed tools that they could begin putting to work immediately.

Case Study 1 1-ON-1 Coaching

Nathaniel: Lost 50 pounds (22.5kg) within 4 months

“Within 3 or 4 months I had lost 50 pounds and several percentage points of body fat… What I appreciate most about this approach is that it’s really one of empowerment.”

Step 1: Reduced Uncertainty

Nathaniel was struggling with a lack of knowledge and self-confidence. We gave him the tools he needed to eliminate confusion and start eating and exercising in alignment with his goals.

Step 2: Step 2: Increased Accountability

Within two weeks of the program he had found his rhythm. We helped him plan for travel, prepare healthy meals, complete his workouts, prioritize sleep, and carefully track his progress which made him feel more strong, confident, and energized.

What People Are Saying

Chris Kimber

“Menya is the most encouraging, positive and enthusiastic coach I have ever worked with. He has had a positive impact across all aspects of my life, work, home, and diet.”

Svetlana Suvorova

“Menya helped me building a sustainable program curated to my needs and lifestyle that I could easily manage on my own during and after training.”

Speaking Engagements

Presentation Series

Please inquire via email at connect@menyahinga.com

What Is Included

  • Evidence-based and actionable information
  • 5-10 minute Q&A following each section
  • Slide presentation for participants to follow
  • Virtual and in-person format available
  • Tailor made for you and your organization