Speaking Engagements


Clarify Your Goals

Our goal is to make your goals a reality. So we start by discussing your goals, sticking points, preferences, and timeline in order to find the fastest, most effective, and sustainable path to success.

Eliminate Confusion

Education is a cornerstone of high performance. So coaching includes reading, writing, and watching educational content about sleep, nutrition, stress, exercise, and work-life balance.

Create Accountability

Accountability is the key to execution. So accountability systems help us measure, analyze, and improve your performance by food logging, activity tracking, sleep tracking and more.

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1-On-1 Coaching

3-12 Month Packages

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What Is Included

  • One 60-minute live coaching call each week
  • Membership to the Holistic Fitness Network
  • Access to all relevant course materials
  • 24-hour weekday support in client network
  • 30-day money-back results guarantee**

**If you adhere to the program yet fail to see measurable results within 30 days, the entire program investment will be refunded to you upon request.

Speaking Engagements

Presentation Series

Please inquire via email at connect@menyahinga.com

What Is Included

  • Evidence-based and actionable information
  • 5-10 minute Q&A following each section
  • Slide presentation for participants to follow
  • Virtual and in-person format available
  • Tailor made for you and your organization