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10 Japanese Supplements You Should Know About | Overrated or Underrated

Japan is home to some of the healthiest and longest living people in the world. So today we’re looking at Japanese supplements to see if they have anything to do with why Japanese people live such long and healthy lives and, more importantly, to see whether Japanese supplements are actually overrated or underrated. 10 Japanese…
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Are Japanese Superfoods Overrated or Underrated?

Japan is full of delicious and nutritious food, but in this video I’m sharing my review of 10 Japanese superfoods based on the research-backed nutritional benefits, not my personal preference. Which one is your favorite? Are Japanese Superfoods Overrated or Underrated? (VIDEO) Enjoy the video and remember to leave a comment! Thanks, Menya Hinga Health…
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How To Eat Healthy Without Cooking | My Top 3 High Protein, Low Calorie Foods from Japanese Conbinis

If you ever find yourself with very little time, very few options, or very little desire to cook, these 3 ready-made meals from Japanese convenience stores (aka Conbinis) are the healthiest options I could find. They’re all high in protein, low in calories, taste great, and cost less than $5. How To Eat Healthy Without…
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