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SOGO Fitness Mini-Undokai (Sports Day) at Tokyo Sport Playground | Featuring Radio Taiso X

An Undokai (Sports Day) is held once a year at every elementary school across Japan, so today we at SOGO Fitness hosted our first ever Mini-Undokai for adults. SOGO Fitness is Japan’s biggest volunteer fitness community that hosts free weekly workouts and healthy lifestyle events including outdoor bootcamps, running, kickboxing, yoga, swimming, cycling, and special…
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Why Are Gyms So Expensive In Japan?! WARNING: Unsolicited Rant

Even though I worked as a personal trainer for nearly 8 of the 11 years that I’ve lived in Japan I still don’t understand why gyms are so ridiculously expensive in Tokyo. So sit down and strap in for the rant you didn’t ask for (but I think you deserve). Why Are Gyms So Expensive…
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