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Why You Eat When You Are Stressed (And How To Stop!)

Nearly every client I have ever worked with and most of the people I know use food or alcohol to manage stress. So today I’m going to explain what emotional eating is, why it’s so common, and what you can do to stop it, because the reason why you eat when you are stressed has…
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SOGO Fitness Mini-Undokai (Sports Day) at Tokyo Sport Playground | Featuring Radio Taiso X

An Undokai (Sports Day) is held once a year at every elementary school across Japan, so today we at SOGO Fitness hosted our first ever Mini-Undokai for adults. SOGO Fitness is Japan’s biggest volunteer fitness community that hosts free weekly workouts and healthy lifestyle events including outdoor bootcamps, running, kickboxing, yoga, swimming, cycling, and special…
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Macros 101 | How To Eat Healthily In Tokyo

Most of you have probably seen or heard the word Macros being thrown around on both social and mainstream media outlets, so I’m here to breakdown one of the most important pieces of the fitness puzzle related to getting in great shape and living a healthy life. In this video you’ll learn what macros are,…
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